Blaze Blade

The Blazing Bladed Sword or the Blazing Blade as it is called is owned by Kazuma. He found it stuck in an ancient rock when his Rock Sword was broken is a battle. It has 3 modes and 3 Inactive Modes which can only be used when in the particular territory.Level:20


A long time ago, when there was a never ending battle between the people of earth, the people of heaven and the people of hell, when the most three powerful swords--The Earth Sword which had the element of Ground, The Heaven Sword which had the element of Water and The Hell Sword which had the element of Air--clashed together, the Blazing Blade was Formed. It had the power of all the three swords and could destroy any other sword except the Excalibur Sword.


The Blazing Blade has 3 Modes--

The Ice BladeEdit

In this mode, two extra Spikes grow out of the sides and the Blaze cools down to -100000000' C and freezes to make really hard and cool Ice. One touch of the blade and the other weapon freezes and breaks. This mode is not useful for Fire Blades.

The Metal BladeEdit

In this mode, 5 extra spikes grow out of the sword--2 on one side, 2 on the other side and 1 on the top--and the blaze goes out and turns into solid Metal. It can cut through any surface.

The Blazing BladeEdit

This is the most powerful mode of this weapon. The name of this mode is the same as the Sword. The Extra spikes will go inside and one side will become Sharp and spiky like a saw. The whole Blade will be covered in a Blue Blaze and it will become Really powerful.

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