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The Excalibur Sword is a sword which is owned by Doctor Zero,it was received when he went to Camelot,the Excalibur Sword is a powerful sword which cannot be destroyed.It has 7 modes.R



There are 7 substances and modes,they are Gold,,Diamond,Titanium,Ruby,Excalibur,Darkness and Universal.


This Mode occurs when the owner says the mode,when the sword becomes in Golden color and made out of Gold,it can blind the opponent and stun him/her.However it is not powerful than the others.



The Sword will turn into Real Diamond causing to cut any Metal,except Titanium,it can be very powerful until when it hits an Iron or Ruby sword it will break,and it is a good Mode.



The Sword will turn into a Titanium Sword which can cut the opponent into half,it can cut any Gems,this mode is the Best when fighting Level 10 people.



The Ruby will be absorbed by the sword and causing the sword to be made out of Ruby,it is good to fight with Gold swords however it can be destroyed by a Diamond Sword.



The prime part of this Sword it can destroy any Metal and any Gem,it is best when you fight any beast,it is powerful when the owner trusts it.


Darkness Edit

This Mode is very powerful,due to the anger and power causing to attack the opponent furiously,however if used to much the owner will faint.



This Mode is the Best of all,when the sword becomes Black it will be filled with galaxies and stars on it,there are 3 modes,Universal Star,Universal Galaxy,and Universal.


Universal StarEdit

When the Sword is in Universal Star mode,it can cause supernovas and explosions when it hits a sword furiously causing the opponent's sword to break,when it hits the opponent there will be one big explosion to kill the opponent.


Universal GalaxyEdit

The Sword will turn into Universal Galaxy when its requested by the owner,when it hits a sword it will cause the owner to twirl with the sword pointing at the opponent,and causing explosions and it will destroy the opponent's sword.



The Sword will become black full with stars and galaxies,causing it to cause antigravity at the stadium and destroy the opponent by using Universal Cosmic,when the move is used black holes,galaxies,and stars will come out from the Sword and causing a big explosions.

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